A Guide to Orange UK’s Services in 2017

The Orange brand came at a time in the UK’s telecommunications industry when not only was mobile phone ownership expensive, but it was also confusing and, quite frankly, somewhat uncool. Orange, with its radical approach to advertising and branding completely changed the game and laid the foundations by which countless telecoms brands around the world operate today.

Though the company was rolled into EE alongside T-Mobile during 2015, for customers that never changed their contracts, they remain a part of the UK telecommunications scene.

Unfortunately, if you’re one of those customers, it’s become increasingly difficult to get ahold of up to date, vital information regarding your contract and service. Well, in this guide we’re going to cover everything you need to know about your Orange price plans and service. Let’s get into it.

Can I move to an old Orange plan?

If you’re currently on Orange and looking to move to an old Orange plan, we’re sorry to report that it simply isn’t possible. With the retiring of the Orange brand, EE have ensured that anyone who wishes to move contract must now join an EE contract. The full list of old Orange plans can be found here, but this is now only for reference. Visit the contact Orange page for all contact points

Have EE made any changes to the Orange plans?

EE have largely left the old Orange customer plans well enough alone, but there have been some nice positive changes for those who’ve chosen to remain on Orange contacts.

One of those changes has been that from the 1st of July, 2015 calls to numbers starting 116, 0800 and 0808 have been free to customers on consumer plans.

Another change was the pricing structures for calling numbers beginning with 08 and 09, 188 and numbers beginning with 07, which fell in line with EE’s pricing structure.

Can I still manage my contract and service via text?

You most certainly can, as the 450 text number is still operational. The following are the keywords you need to text to 450 and what each keyword relates to.

  • Help: General information about how to use your service
  • More: What else you can do through the text service
  • Balance: Check your pay-as-you-go balance
  • Bundles: Check the remaining balance of any PAYG bundles you have
  • Roaming: Check to see if roaming is enabled for your number
  • Magic: See your current magic numbers
  • App: Download links for the EE application
  • Phone: Check your Phone Fund balance
  • Voucher: Top up via text using your voucher
  • Safeguard: Check if Safeguard is active for your phone
  • Plan: Basic info about the reward plans available on Orange
  • Dolphin, Canary, Racoon or Camel: Specific information about plans available on Orange.
  • Start BB/Stop BB: Start or stop BlackBerry services.

Can I still call directory enquiries from my Orange phone?

If you’ve tried calling directory enquiries from your Orange phone, you’ll have likely noticed that your calls are no longer being connected.

Since the 2nd of December, 2015, calls to the 118000 number from Orange have not been connected. EE urge their Orange customers to move towards a new EE contract or simply to search online for what they need rather than attempt to call 118000.

What are the numbers Orange will use to contact you?

Sometimes, Orange (or one of their partners) will contact you to tell you about products or services. However, if you don’t have these numbers saved you won’t know who they’ve come from. The following at genuine numbers that Orange will use to contact you from.

Interact: 01844 398 604, 01844 398 609, 01844 398 610, 01844 398 611, 01844 398 612

Step Change: 01462 439 891, 01462 439 896, 01462 439 893, 01462 421 000, 01462 422 703

Inspired: 01916 740 052, 01916 740 049

Clearanswer: 01482 971 048, 01482 489728, 01482 489729, 01482 489727

1 Call Direct (Mobile Phones): 0131 620 5703

1 Call Direct (Home Broadband): 0800 079 5320

What are the Orange iPad tariffs?

Most of us put a SIM card in our tablets and never think about it again. If that sounds like you, you’re probably wondering what the Orange tariff is for iPads. Well, the first thing to note is that no matter how much Internet you use, it’ll always be capped at £40.85 per month. Each MB of data is charged at 5.1p, or you can add additional data bundles to your plan.

Orange no longer offer these bundles, however. Contacting EE will get a new SIM card sent out to you.