How to Fix Channel Problems on BT TV

  So you’re just about to settle down for the evening and some of the fantastic TV offered by BT before going to bed when it becomes clear that the signal you’re receiving is nowhere near acceptable. Either fuzzy, glitched, spotty or just not being received at all, there’s little more annoying than broken TV […]

How do I Unlock by Mobile Phone for BT?

  Moving to a new mobile network provider can be a fantastic way to save money. So many of us are stuck on old contracts which either don’t give us the minutes, texts and data we need or charge us way too much for it. That’s why when our contracts run out, many of us […]

How Can I Pay my BT Bill? A Guide

  Being a BT customer is, by and large, pretty fantastic. Between their incredible sports coverage that’s free to broadband customers, world class broadband coverage and – of course – home and mobile telephone contracts. The only real downside, however, is that all those great services don’t come for free. No, instead, we’re tied into […]

BT SIM Card not working? Read This.

These days, our phones form an essential part of our everyday life. They help us navigate, learn, share, discuss and, of course, communicate. Almost every part of our lives has been touched by the introduction of high-speed mobile internet, and that’s what makes having a non-functional BT SIM card so annoying. It could be that […]

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