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3 Mobile Contact Number – 0844 381 5235

3 Mobile Customer Service Number 0844 381 5235

3 Mobile customers can call 0844 381 5235 for all customer service enquiries and support. This 3 contact number is suitable for all mobile and broadband enquiries. It can be used by new or existing Three customers for upgrades, subscriptions, cancellations, complaints and technical support. This Three customer service number is also suitable for roaming enquiries and data enquiries. Contact 3 Mobile on the phone today to get your enquiries resolved quickly.

3 Mobile Contact Numbers

Customer Service 0844 381 5235
Technical Support 0844 381 5235
Accounts and Billing 0844 381 5235
Sales and Subscriptions 0844 381 5235

3 Mobile Contact Information

3 Mobile Registered Office Hutchison 3G UK Limited, Star House, 20 Grenfell Road, Maidenhead, SL6 1EH.
3 Mobile Glasgow Office Hutchison 3G UK Limited, 123 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5EA.
3 Mobile Reading Office Hutchison 3G UK Limited, Great Brighams Mead, Vastern Road, Reading, Berks, RG1 8DJ.

The 3 Mobile addresses listed above can be used to write a formal complaint. We recommend sending your complaint to the office that is closest to you. We also recommend sending your letter via a delivery method that requires a signature, so you are notified when it arrives.

3 Mobile Customer Service Infrastructure

Three operates a Twitter Support page, @ThreeUKSupport, and responds to customer enquiries on Facebook. However, the bulk of their customer service investment has been made into call centres. Approximately 90 per cent of all Three’s customer enquiries are made on the phone. Three has call centres in the United Kingdom and overseas, with offices in Maidenhead, Glasgow and Reading. Addresses for these can be found in the table above.

In terms of customer service performance, 3 Mobile has favourable reviews online. They have a 4-star rating on reviews aggregator Trustpilot out of a possible 5-stars, which is higher than any other major telecoms company in the UK. In 2015, 3 Mobile won the UK CXA ’15 Award for Amazing Customer Experience in the Technology and Telecoms category. They also topped a report by YouGov, ranking number #1 for mobile internet in the United Kingdom.

This means that generally speaking, customers can expect a good level of customer service with 3 Mobile.

3 Mobile Telephone Number 0844 381 5235

The 3 telephone number published on this page will connect you to an automated system; simply select the options that are most relevant to you, and you will be connected to the correct department automatically. Calls to 3 are usually resolved in under 8 minutes, so your call to 3 Mobile should not take too long, unless you have a technical enquiry.

What is the best way to contact 3?

The most efficient way to contact Three is on the phone, on the Three contact number 0844 381 5235. Three also operate a Twitter support page, at @ThreeUKSupport. Three responds to most enquires on Twitter, but not all. You can also write to Three, which should be an option if you wish to make a formal complaint to the company.

About 3

3 is a telecommunications company providing 3G and 4G mobile phone and broadband internet services. It has individual operations based in the UK, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy and Sweden. 3 is the trading name of Hutchison 3G. Its parent company is CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd, an investment holding company based in Hong Kong. 3 hs over 30 million customers worldwide.

3 Mobile Telephone Number 0844 381 5235

3 UK is the fastest growing mobile network in the UK, with coverage now reaching 97 percent of the population. The size of its network has doubled in the last eight years. 3 UK now has over eight million customers, and employs approximately 9,000 staff. Its headquarters are in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

Products and Services

Its contracts and handsets, in addition to SIM cards and a range of tablets, are sold online and through the company’s national chain of retail stores. They are also sold by other third party mobile phone retailers.

3UK has the least complaints of any UK mobile phone network, and carries approximately 45 percent of the UK’s mobile internet traffic. It is the cheapest UK provider of 4G, and was the first to offer this service at no extra cost. It is still the only UK mobile phone provider offering unlimited 4G data.

The History of 3

3 was launched in the UK on March 3, 2003, the same day that 3G services went live. From the beginning, 3 UK wanted to promote itself as a forward-looking company, and only offered 3G services, relying on national roaming agreements with other mobile networks to provide 2G coverage in areas where 3G wasn’t available. Initially it partnered with O2, and later Orange, for this service. However, it no longer provides 2G coverage at all, and older 2G phones are now completely incompatible with the 3 network.

3 UK also began to sell handsets later in March 2003. Combined with its 3G-only provision, this made it the first commercial video mobile network in the UK.

3 Mobile Helpline Number 0844 381 5235

In 2004 the company moved into internet provision, releasing a PC Card which allowed Windows-based laptops to access the internet directly from the 3 network. It also became the first UK mobile network to meet the regulatory requirement of covering 80 percent of the population.

The “Feel At Home” package was launched in 2013. With this package, UK customers visiting certain other countries can call, text or use data on their mobile devices for the same price as they would at home. The list of countries was initially limited to those where the 3 network was available; however, it has now been expanded to include 42 countries in total. 3 Mobile also have plans to further expand their reach.

In 2014, the company launched its 3 inTouch app, which allows customers to route calls, texts and data through a local WiFi network in areas where there is little or no 3 signal, even on the Tube network in London. This service improves cellular connectivity considerably.

3 Mobile UK began to roll out its 4G services at the end of 2013, a few months after the planned launch date. The company delayed its 4G launch as it wanted to monitor the performance of other networks first. 3 Mobile are currently the cheapest 4G provider in the UK, although EE holds the title as having the best 4G coverage overall.

Customer Service 0844 381 5235
Technical Support 0844 381 5235
Accounts and Billing 0844 381 5235
Sales and Subscriptions 0844 381 5235