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Orange Contact Number 0844 381 5236

Orange Customer Service Number 0844 381 5236

Orange customers can call 0844 381 5236 to speak to a customer service advisor. Orange is owned by Everything Everywhere (EE), who have taken over all Orange operations, including customer service. This means that you will be connected to EE when you call. If you are still on an Orange contract, then you will still be served by EE customer service.

This Orange contact number is suitable for sales, account support, billing enquiries, contract cancellations and more.

Orange Contact Numbers

Customer Service 0844 381 5236
Technical Support 0844 381 5236
Accounts and Billing 0844 381 5236
Sales and Subscriptions 0844 381 5236

Orange Contact Information

Orange Addresses
Orange Customer Service Address Orange Customer Services, 6 Camberwell Way, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR3 3XN, United Kingdom.
Orange Complaints (Broadband) Orange, 6 Camberwell Way, Doxford Technology Park, Doxford, Sunderland, Tyne And Wear, SR3 3XN.
Orange Ealing Broadway Store (London) Unit 65, Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre, Ealing, London.

Writing to Orange is recommended if you wish to make a formal complaint. We recommend that you send your letter via Recorded Delivery, so that you are notified when your letter is delivered.

Orange’s Customer Service Infrastructure

In 2015, Orange was rebranded as EE, together with T-Mobile. Prior to this, Orange had an excellent customer service record, with high satisfaction rates. They had the best customer service record for business customers and PAYG customers.

Since EE took Orange over, those satisfaction rates have been largely retained. Over 70 million calls are processed by Orange/ EE every year. Calls to Orange are processed by call centres in Darlington, Doxford, Greenock, Merthyr Tydfil, North Tyneside and Plympton, and there are plans in the pipeline for additional call centres to be opened.

Orange Telephone Number 0844 381 5236

Due to complaints about overseas call centres, in April 2016, it was reported in the media that EE was moving call centres back to Britain in a bid to stop dropping customer satisfaction rates. By June 2016, 100 new jobs had been created in Wales, North Tyneside, Plymouth and Ireland. An additional 600 customer service jobs have been created in the United Kingdom since, with 1,400 additional jobs overall.

What is the best way to contact Orange?

The best way to contact Orange is on the telephone.

The Orange telephone number 0844 381 5236 can be called to make a complaint, to query a recent bill, to cancel your contract, to renew your contract, and for all technical support. Alternatively, you can write to Orange using any of the physical addresses we have published towards the top of this page. The Orange brand is now defunct, however, so all correspondence will be with Everything Everywhere (EE).

About Orange

Orange was a UK mobile network and internet service provider. It also sold handsets and operated a national chain of over 300 retail stores. Following its merger with T-Mobile to form EE, it has now been phased out as a brand in the UK, although the Orange brand is still used globally, being particularly popular with business users.

In the UK, Orange offered both Pay Monthly contracts and Pay As You Go packages on its mobile network. It also began offering home and business broadband internet services in 2006, with massive cost reductions for its mobile phone customers.

From 2003 until 2014, Orange also operated the hugely popular Orange Wednesdays promotion, which gave customers two-for-one tickets for any film at any participating UK cinema every Wednesday. This was perhaps the most popular perk that Orange customers enjoyed. It was particularly popular with students.

The History of Orange

Orange Personal Communications Ltd was originally Microtel Communications Ltd, a company owned by British Aerospace, which won a licence to develop a personal communications network in the UK. Following this, the Hong Kong-based conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa acquired a 65 percent stake in Microtel through a stock swap deal with BAe. Microtel was renamed Orange, and its network launched in the UK in April 2004.

Orange Helpline Number 0844 381 5236

Orange floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2006. It was valued at £2.4 billion and had one million customers. In the years following, Orange would become even more valuable.

Orange remained a public company until 1999, when it was bought for US $33 billion by the German telecoms company Mannesmann. It had to be sold just a year later due to the hostile takeover of Mannesmann by Vodafone, which wasn’t allowed to operate two mobile licences. France Telecom bought Orange from Vodafone for US $37 billion. Shortly afterwards, France Telecom rebranded itself Orange S.A., and used the Orange brand throughout all its worldwide operations.

EE and the Phasing Out of Orange

In 2010 Orange S.A. announced that Orange’s UK operation was to be merged with competitor T-Mobile, which was owned by Deutsche Telekom. The merged company became EE, now the UK’s largest digital communications company.

Initially the Orange brand was retained until 2012, when its retail outlets were rebranded with the EE logo, and its broadband service became EE broadband.

Orange phone contracts ceased to be available in 2014, although customers who are still on Orange contracts will remain on them until they wish to upgrade, at which time they will have to take out new contracts with EE. However, any remaining Orange customers can only access 2G or 3G services. If they wish to access EE’s 4G network they have to upgrade to an EE contract.

Orange S.A. and the Orange Brand

The Orange brand is still in existence in France and elsewhere. Orange S.A., formerly France Telecom, continues to use the same Orange logo as the former UK brand throughout all its worldwide operations. Orange S.A. provides mobile, landline, internet and television services in over 20 countries. It has 263 million customers worldwide, and employs 153,000 staff. In 2015 it made a profit of €2.65 billion.

Customer Service 0844 381 5236
Technical Support 0844 381 5236
Accounts and Billing 0844 381 5236
Sales and Subscriptions 0844 381 5236