Sky Contact Details

Sky Contact Number – 0844 381 5230

Sky Customer Service Number 0844 381 5230

New and existing Sky customers can contact Sky on the telephone number 0844 381 5230. This phone number will connect you to Sky’s automated system. Simply select the options that are most relevant to you using your phone’s keypad, and your enquiry will be automatically patched through to a customer service advisor at Sky.

Alternatively, you can write to Sky at any of the addresses below.

Sky Contact Numbers

Customer Service 0844 381 5230
Technical Support 0844 381 5230
Accounts and Billing 0844 381 5230
Sales and Subscriptions 0844 381 5230

Sky Contact Information

Sky Addresses
Sky Customer Service Address Sky Subscriber Services Ltd, PO Box 43, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 7DD.
Alternative Sky Address Sky Plc, Grant Way, Isleworth, TW7 5QD, UK.
Sky Westfield Store (London) Westfield SC London, Westfield (K2008), London, W12 7GE.

If you do write to Sky, we recommend that you send your letter via Recorded Delivery. This way, you will be notified when your letter arrives and a Sky employee must sign for it.

Unfortunately, those of you wishing to contact Sky by email will not be able to, since Sky have not published a customer service email address. For this reason, we recommend that you call Sky for support.

Sky’s Customer Service Infrastructure

If you are considering calling Sky, but you are concerned that your call might be outsourced abroad, you need not be.

Contrary to belief, Sky do not outsource the bulk of their customer service enquiries abroad. Sky has call centres in Glasgow, Dunfermline, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield, Stockport and Uddingston. These call centres process approximately 90 per cent of all customer enquiries. The remaining 10 per cent of customer enquiries, however, are outsourced abroad. The locations of these call centres have not been disclosed by Sky, although it is likely that at least one call centre is in India.

So, when you call Sky, it is likely that your enquiry with dealt with in the United Kingdom. In total, Sky employs 25,000 people across the UK and Ireland. At least 15,000 of those people work in a customer service role. They also employ a further 5,000 people in Italy, Germany and Austria, with half of those people in a customer service role.

Sky Telephone Number 0844 381 5230

Recently, media speculation has suggested that Sky may target redundancies soon, with a view to cutting costs. However, it is highly unlikely that Sky will target redundancies in large numbers at their call centres, since this would increase customer call times, reduce customer satisfaction, and lead to less sales, since there will be fewer sales people to answer the phone. If any redundancies are made, it is likely that these will affect the production services arm, and the development arm, rather than the customer service arm.

What is the best way to contact Sky?

The best way to contact Sky is over the telephone using a Sky customer service number. The Sky telephone number we have listed on this page will connect you to a customer service representative. Our records show that the average length of a Sky phone number call is 5 minutes 30 seconds. This means that your enquiry should be dealt with quickly.

About Sky

Sky is the largest provider of telecommunications and entertainment in Europe, providing subscription television, landline telephone and broadband internet, as well as the contract-free streaming services NOW TV and Sky Online.

Sky services are available in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy. The company has 22 million customers in total, and employs over 11,000 staff across 32 locations. Sky’s operation in the UK, Sky UK Limited, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the parent company Sky PLC. It trades as Sky, and is based in London. To contact Sky, you can call the Sky contact number 0844 381 5230 for fast and efficient customer service.

The Beginnings of Sky

Sky’s origins can be traced back to 1980, when former journalist Brian Haynes set up a consortium to bring American-style satellite broadcasting to the UK. His company, Satellite Television, made its first test broadcasts in 1981. In 1983, New International, owned by media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, paid £5.5 million for a 65% stake in the company. Satellite Television then bid for the UK Satellite Broadcasting Licence, but lost out to rivals BSB.

The Sky Television Network

In response to losing the bid, Murdoch set up the Sky Television network, four channels broadcasting from a Luxembourg-based satellite, in 1989. The four channels were Sky One, Sky Movies, Sky News and Eurosport. Initially both Sky and BSB sold poorly, leading to a merger between the two companies a year later. The single network was relaunched as BSkyB, although it was marketed as Sky.

Sports, Subscriptions and Success

BSkyB’s first real success story came in 1991, when its £304 million bid secured the rights to all live Premier League football games for the next five years. The company retained this monopoly until the 2007/08 season. This coup led to the launch of Sky’s first subscription package in 1993, which had been taken up by 3.5 million UK households the following year.

The Launch of Digital

The company launched its digital service in 1998, pre-empting plans to switch off the analogue television in the UK. Sky Digital offered an increased number of channels and improved sound and picture quality. Sky became a fully digital service in 2001, 11 years before the UK’s digital switchover was complete.

Sky Helpline Number 0844 381 5230

Since 2006, the online catch-up and streaming service, Sky Go (previously Sky Player, Sky Anytime on PC and Sky by Broadband) has allowed Sky customers to view content on a PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation or mobile phone. Non-Sky customers can subscribe on a pay-per-view basis, to get access to the best content with no commitment.

If you would like to subscribe to Sky, you can call a customer service advisor with the Sky contact number 0844 381 5230.

Sky currently broadcasts over 600 television channels in total spanning entertainment, news, sports, documentary and children’s programmes, including all the UK Freeview channels. It produces much of its own drama and comedy content. Sky offers a variety of different TV packages, which give subscribers different amounts of channels depending on which package they choose.

Sky Phone and Broadband

By the early 2000s, Sky faced competition from companies offering subscription television as part of a package which also included a telephone landline and broadband internet. To keep up, BSkyB bought the broadband provider Easynet for £211 million in 2005; Sky has been offering the triple package ever since.

The company very recently announced that it is also launching a mobile phone service, Sky Mobile, which will operate on the O2 infrastructure.

Over 12 million homes in the UK and Ireland are now connected to Sky.

Customer Service 0844 381 5230
Technical Support 0844 381 5230
Accounts and Billing 0844 381 5230
Sales and Subscriptions 0844 381 5230