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T-Mobile Contact Number 0844 381 5237

T-Mobile Customer Service Number 0844 381 5237

T-Mobile customers can call 0844 381 5237 for customer service. T-Mobile is owned by EE, however most EE customers still refer to their carrier as T-Mobile. The T-Mobile contact number published on this page will put you through to a customer service representative at EE.

When you call, you will be connected to an automated system; all you have to do is select the options that are most relevant to you on your keypad, to be connected to the right department.

T-Mobile Contact Numbers

Customer Service 0844 381 5237
Technical Support 0844 381 5237
Accounts and Billing 0844 381 5237
Sales and Subscriptions 0844 381 5237

T-Mobile Contact Information

T-Mobile Customer Service Address T-Mobile Customer Services, 6 Camberwell Way, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR3 3XN, United Kingdom.
T-Mobile Complaints (Broadband) T-Mobile, 6 Camberwell Way, Doxford Technology Park, Doxford, Sunderland, Tyne And Wear, SR3 3XN.
T-Mobile Ealing Broadway Store (London) T-Mobile, Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre, Ealing, London.

T-Mobile’s Customer Service Infrastructure

T-Mobile is owned by Everything Everywhere (EE). As such, one cannot discuss T-Mobile’s customer service infrastructure without covering EE’s.

T-Mobile / EE has six call centres in the United Kingdom, in Darlington, Doxford, Greenock, Merthyr Tydfil, North Tyneside and Plympton. T-Mobile’s customer service team is available 365 days a year and they process over 70 million enquiries a year.

If you are currently a T-Mobile customer and it is time to upgrade your phone, you will be made an EE customer automatically when you do. All existing T-Mobile customers will be put onto an EE contract, with all customer correspondence bearing the EE branding.

T-Mobile Phone Number 0844 381 5237

EE has a 1-star rating out of 5 on reviews aggregator Trustpilot. All T-Mobile customers will remain on their T-Mobile contract, until it expires, at which point they will be automatically put onto an EE tariff. A better gauge of T-Mobile’s (EE’s) customer service record can be attained by reviewing Ofcom reports. In 2014, EE generated the most complaints for broadband, with 0.42 complaints per 1,000 customers. However, calls to T-Mobile are processed in around 7 minutes, which is faster than many other telecoms companies.

What is the best way to contact T-Mobile?

The fastest and most efficient way to contact T-Mobile is on the telephone. Our records show that calls to T-Mobile last for around 7 minutes. It is important to note however that when you do call, you will be put through to EE, who own T-Mobile. You should will be given the option to choose T-Mobile as your carrier when you call, though. Alternatively, you can write to T-Mobile using any of the physical addresses listed above.

About T Mobile

T Mobile UK was a mobile telephone network which operated from 1993 until 2015. It offered both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go mobile phone services, handsets and other related products, which it sold both online and via its national chain of retail outlets. The company’s headquarters were in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

T-Mobile Customer Helpline 0844 381 5237

T Mobile’s Pay Monthly contracts were much more flexible than most, in that customers could purchase “boosters” which allowed them to change the amount of minutes available to them from month to month as needed. This was perhaps the best perk of being a T-Mobile customer, since you could add additional minutes, texts and data onto your contract on a month-by-month basis, saving money in the process.

At the time, T-Mobile was the only UK mobile phone network that did not also operate its own broadband service.

The Origins of T Mobile

The T Mobile network in the UK was originally Mercury One 2 One, later rebranded as One 2 One. It was operated by Mercury Communications, and launched in September 1993.

In 1999, the company was purchased by German telecoms company Deutsche Telekom, who rebranded One 2 One as T Mobile in 2002. Deutsche Telekom paid £6.9 billion for One 2 One, and also assumed the £1.5 billion of debt the brand had accrued.

Following its takeover and rebranding as T Mobile, the company’s fortunes changed, and by the time merger talks began with Orange in 2009, T Mobile had 16.6 million UK customers.

EE and Phasing Out

In 2010, T Mobile merged with rival Orange to create EE, the UK’s largest mobile phone network, with a 37 percent share of the market. Initially the T Mobile brand was retained on shop signage, and existing customers continued to be contracted to T Mobile.

T-Mobile Telephone Number 0844 381 5237

T Mobile’s high street retail outlets were all rebranded as EE stores in 2012, and their online website closed. From 2014 onwards, new T Mobile contracts were not available, and all customers wishing to upgrade had to take out new contracts with EE. Any remaining T Mobile customers would only have access to 2G or 3G services via the EE network; if they wished to access the faster 4G network, then they would have to upgrade to an EE contract when their contract ended. T-Mobile customers would also be automatically made an EE customer when their T-Mobile contract expired.

The T Mobile brand was phased out completely in the UK in February 2015.

T Mobile International

T Mobile still has an extremely large presence elsewhere in the world. T Mobile International is the world’s fourth largest multinational mobile phone service provider. It is a holding company for all Deutsche Telekom’s mobile phone subsidiaries outside Germany. It provides mobile phone network services, data services, handsets and tablets in 13 European countries, plus the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. The company’s headquarters are in Bonn, Germany.

T Mobile International has 230 million customers worldwide, and employs a staff of 36,000. The international brand uses the same logo that was familiar in the UK until recent years.

Customer Service 0844 381 5237
Technical Support 0844 381 5237
Accounts and Billing 0844 381 5237
Sales and Subscriptions 0844 381 5237