How can I Move (Port) my Number to TalkTalk Mobile?


There are countless reasons you might choose to move mobile supplier. You might be unhappy with the service you’re getting, or feel like you’re being overcharged for what you’re using. It could be that you’re simply looking for something that your old network provider can’t offer you, or you got a great bundle with TalkTalk Broadband and TV. Whatever your reason might be, moving mobile network can be an excellent choice.

But what about if you want to keep your old number? After all, it’s the one everyone already has for you and it’s the one you know off by heart. So, how would you port your old number to your new TalkTalk Mobile SIM? Let’s find out.

First thing’s first…

You need to source your PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) from your existing or old network provider. You can get this by going into one of their stores, contacting them over the telephone or by using their online tools.

You should never pay for a PAC code and your old network should give it over freely when you’re out of contract or taking your number from a pay-as-you-go service. If you’ve chosen to cancel your old service early, you may be subject to a cancellation fee. However, they should still give you your PAC.

Step one: Activate your TalkTalk Mobile SIM card

Your TalkTalk Mobile SIM card needs to be active before you transfer your existing number to it. Getting it active is simple, so just follow these two steps.

  • Eject your old SIM card and put it to one side, replacing it with your TalkTalk Mobile SIM card
  • Activate your service online via the My Account section of the TalkTalk website. Click ‘Activate my SIM’ and follow the steps. Alternatively, dial 2883 from your mobile to activate the SIM. This is a free call and shouldn’t take too long, though you will need to have both your bank account details and new TalkTalk numbe to hand for security reasons.

Step two: Request your PAC transfer

You can request the transfer yourself through the My Account section of the TalkTalk website. You’ll need your PAC (sourced from your old network), your current TalkTalk mobile number and the number which you wish to transfer.

From there you need to pick a preferred transfer date (Monday to Friday) and your number will automatically transfer on that day. TalkTalk handle the rest behind the scenes, and will keep you up to date with information via texts on the transfer date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens on the transfer day?

A: Aside from your chosen number replacing your TalkTalk phone number, you’ll experience some loss of mobile service between 11am and 5pm. The transfer is dependent on your old mobile provider releasing your number, so sometimes a delay can occur.

You can keep using your old SIM card until you lose service or receive a message saying “SIM card registration failed”. Turning your new phone off and on every hour until the service is working and your old number has moved across is a good way of finding out when the process is complete. However, TalkTalk will text you throughout the day with updates regarding the status of your transfer.

Q: Can I still use the TalkTalk number once my old number has been transferred?

A: No. Once your old number has been ported to your TalkTalk Mobile SIM you can no longer use the original TalkTalk Mobile number you received. This number will not connect and will be treat as a wrong number. As such, it’s important to let people know that you’ll be returning to your old number.

Q: Can I cancel my request to transfer my mobile number?

A: You can easily cancel your request to transfer your mobile number up to 4PM the day before the transfer date, but beware that cancellation requests can only be processed through the working week. To cancel the transfer and keep using your TalkTalk Mobile number, log into My Account, go to Transfer Your Mobile Number and select the cancel button.

Q: How long does a PAC last for before expiring?

A: Once received from your old mobile network, a PAC code is valid for up to 30 days. Once this time period elapses you can no longer port your old number, as your old network will have relinquished the number.

Q: Can I move my TalkTalk Mobile number to a different network?

A: Yes, just as you can move from an alternative network to TalkTalk Mobile, you can move from TalkTalk Mobile to an alternative network. Simply contact TalkTalk to get your PAC and transfer that number to your new SIM using the steps mentioned above.

Q: Can I upgrade from a PAYG TalkTalk Mobile SIM to a Pay Monthly TalkTalk Mobile SIM without changing my number?

A: Of course, simply contact TalkTalk and they’ll be delighted to help you upgrade.