How to Set Up your EE Bright Box 2 Router


There are countless reasons why you’d choose to go with EE for their home broadband. Perhaps you’ve got a great deal on it alongside your mobile contract, maybe you’ve heard about their excellent customer service or maybe you’ve heard about their excellent Bright Box 2 router.

With speeds three times faster than the outgoing Bright Box 1, a much greater range for stronger more reliable Wi-Fi and a new super slim design which means it can fit almost anywhere in your home.

The main selling point, however, is that the Bright Box 2 is the first ‘plug and play’ fibre broadband router in the UK, which means that absolutely no engineer is required to come and set it up. As a result, many people opt to set up the Bright Box 2 themselves.

If that sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. We’re going to walk you through every step of your Bright Box 2 installation in a clear, concise and easy to understand way. So let’s get into it.

Before you start…

Before you start plugging anything in, you need to wait until you’ve been contacted by EE. They typically send a text message and an email confirming that your internet is switched on at their end and ready to be installed.

With that message received, you’re going to need an internet enabled device to complete the set up. You either need a device with wireless internet capabilities or an Ethernet port. At this time, it’s also useful to locate the Keep MEE card, which has your wireless name and password on it.

Step one: Check you’ve got everything you should have from the box. You should have:

  • A Bright Box 2 Wireless Router
  • A back Ethernet cable
  • A grey broadband cable
  • A power supply in two parts
  • A Keep MEE card
  • A fibre broadband filter (where required)

Step two: Unplug your old broadband modem or router and all relevant cables and put them to one since. This includes any broadband filters that might currently be plugged in to your main telephone socket. Your socket can be standard or pre-filtered, pre-filtered phone sockets have a secondary port above or to the side of the main one.

If your socket is-pre filtered simply connect the grey broadband cable into the correctly sized port.

If your socket isn’t-pre filtered, plug the grey broadband cable into the EE filter which came in your box and then plug that into your socket.

Step three: Connect the other end of the grey broadband cable to the grey DSL/fibre port on your router. Then connect your Bright Box to the wall through the included power cable.

Step four: Switch your Bright Box 2 on, you should see the power light go green and the internet light go green shortly thereafter. If your Internet light is off or is red, check the phone line is working properly by connecting a telephone and seeing if it’s functional. If the phone line is working, check to ensure that EE have confirmed your internet is switched on.

Step five: With the ‘internet’ light lit solid green, you should be able to connect to the internet. If you’re using a wireless device, simply find the new wireless signal and input your new password. If you’re connecting via Ethernet, just plug the Ethernet cable into the back of your router and then into your device.

With that, you’re connected to the internet! Congratulations! When you first launch a browser tab on your new internet connection, you’ll be given the chance to set up parental controls and filters. It’s easy to follow the steps on the website and you’ll be able to either switch it on or turn it off entirely for an unfiltered internet experience.

Final thoughts

Ensure that you test the internet connection around your house. It could be that your signal isn’t reaching every area of your house. If that’s the case, consider moving your Bright Box 2 hub somewhere else, or giving it a clear space in which to broadcast from. Thick walls, electrical interference and a number of other factors can affect your wireless coverage.

We’ve also had a great many questions about EE’s merger with BT, but don’t worry, your EE broadband service won’t stop and everything will continue as it has so far.