How to Set Up Your Sky Hub


So you’ve joined Sky broadband. Congratulations! You’ve joined millions of Brits who couldn’t resist the call of Sky’s amazing prices, availability and speed. The big day has arrived and you’ve been shipped your brand new Sky Hub. All you need to do now is set it up, right?

Well, it’s never as easy as that. So, between Sky’s slightly confusing instructions and a myriad of potential issues that might crop up, you’ve arrived here looking at how to set up your Sky Hub. Here’s how it’s done:


Before you started:

You need to ensure that the following arrived in your Sky Hub pack. If any of the following is missing, get in touch with Sky and they’ll resend the missing components:

  • A Sky Hub
  • A grey ADSL cable
  • A power lead for the Sky Hub
  • A black Ethernet cable
  • Two microfilters

Also included in the box should be a set up guide and a connect card. If any of the parts listed above are missing, this could be the reason why you’re struggling to set up. If your Sky Hub pack was complete, follow the next steps to get set up.

Step one: Find your master phone socket. It’s the phone socket where the external phone line meets your home and it’ll likely be bigger and wider than the other phone sockets in your home. It can be standard or pre-filtered, pre-filtered phone sockets have a secondary port above the main one below.

Step two: If your phone socket is unfiltered (standard), you can unplug everything attached to it and go ahead to step four. If your phone socket is filtered, continue on to step three.

Step three: If pre-filtered, unplug anything connected to the broadband port and proceed to step six. The broadband port may be labelled DSL or feature a computer icon, it will be the smaller of the two ports.

Step four: Grab one of the microfilters from your Sky Hub box and plug it into your master socket. Only use the microfilter that came on your box, as Sky can’t ensure full functionality with third party microfilters.

Step five: Plug the grey DSL cable that came in your box into the microfilters Sky Hub port. In some cases, the microfilters are shipped with the grey cable already plugged in.

Step six: Plug one end of your grey DSL cable into your pre-filtered master socket’s DSL port and continue on to step eight.

Step seven: Plug your phone lead or telephone socket splitter into your microfilters Sky Box/Phone socket.

Step eight: Plug the other end of the grey DSL cable into the grey broadband port at the back of your Sky Hub. It’s located at the top of the hub and is marked ‘Broadband’.

Step nine: Connect the Hub power cable to the wall and plug it into the back of your Hub. You’ll notice the lights on the front of the Hub flashing. That merely means that the Hub’s internal software is launching and that it’s working to establish your broadband connection.

Step ten: Once the lights have stopped blinking and are lit steady white, you’re now connected to the internet and should be able to hook up your wireless devices. Congratulations!


Some things to remember:

Here are a few things to remember once your Sky Hub is set up:

  • You have to fit microfilters to all the phone sockets in use in your home. If you require more than the two included in your box, contact Sky for more.
  • Do not switch off your Sky Hub. During the first 7 days your Sky Hub will communicate with Sky to be updated and to optimise your home Wi-Fi network for speed and stability. Turning it off during this period is extremely ill-advised.
  • If you find you’re not getting Wi-Fi in certain areas of your house, consider using a signal booster to fix the issue.
  • You can connect your Sky Hub to your Sky+ or Sky Q box through wireless or ethernet, which will unlock on demand content through your box, letting you watch great Sky Atlantic catch up and more.