TPS Contact Number – 0345 070 0707

TPS Helpline – 0345 070 0707

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is the official UK register on which you can record your preference to opt out of receiving unsolicited sales and marketing calls. It is a free service that can be used by individual consumers at a domestic address, or sole traders. Partnerships can also register with the TPS in all parts of the UK except Scotland.

If you register your number with the TPS, organisations are legally obliged not to make sales and marketing calls to you. This includes political parties, charities and voluntary organisations as well as companies.

About the TPS

The TPS is run and entirely funded by the Direct Marketing Association (DMS). It is regulated by Ofcom, the regulatory body for the communications industry in the UK, and enforced by the Information Commissioner’s Office, which enforces data protection laws.

TPS Telephone Number – 0345 070 0707

The TPS is the only call barring service in the UK that companies are legally obliged to comply with. However, it has no powers of enforcement of its own and receives no government funding.

UK residents have been able to register on the list since 1999 under the Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) Regulations. It was given statutory force by the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

What the TPS can help with

If you register your number with the TPS, companies are legally obliged to remove your number from their telemarketing call lists. You can register both landline and mobile phone numbers. If you register a mobile, however, the TPS can only prevent you from receiving unsolicited voice calls, not text messages. To stop receiving unwanted texts, you must send opt-out requests to the individual companies involved.

Your registration with the TPS will become effective within 28 days.

In addition to stopping unsolicited marketing and sales calls, registering with the TPS can also help to stop you receiving silent calls, as most of these are caused by call centres using automated calling systems which often generate too many calls for staff to handle.

What the TPS cannot help with

The remit of the TPS is only to prevent unsolicited live voice calls relating to sales and marketing. It does not have the power to stop unwanted recorded message calls or faxes. However, any company that calls you, even if the call is a recorded message, is legally required to obtain your permission first. If you are able to identify an organisation making unsolicited recorded calls to your number, you should complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office, which deals with breaches of data protection laws.

After registering with the TPS, you are still likely to receive sales and marketing calls from companies you are a customer of, or charities you donate to. This is because these organisations already have a relationship with you so they are allowed to keep your details on record. You will need to contact them individually if you wish to opt out of receiving marketing calls from them.

The TPS is only able to prevent sales and marketing calls. You will still receive calls from organisations performing genuine market research, or non-sales related calls from banks, credit card companies, debt collectors or other service providers.

The TPS is also unable to prevent scam calls, such as those claiming that your computer has a virus. Scam calls should be reported to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service, which will investigate them through the appropriate channels.

What to do if you still receive unsolicited calls

If you have registered with the TPS and are still receiving unsolicited sales and marketing calls, you can log a complaint. However, as the TPS does not have the authority to track phone lines it is unable to trace calls. Therefore if you wish to log a complaint you will need to provide them with as much detail as possible. You should be able to provide at least:

  • The name of the organisation that called you
  • The time and date of the call
  • The element of sales or marketing that took place during the call.

If you can provide these details, the TPS will then be able to investigate. It will act on your behalf, contacting the company that made the call and asking them to remove your number from their call lists. The company is then legally obliged to do so; however, as the TPS has no powers of enforcement, cases where companies refuse to comply have to be referred to the Information Commissioner’s Office, which can investigate if the company does not comply within eight weeks.

How to contact the TPS

If you wish to register or log a complaint with the TPS, you can do so on the website at

Alternatively, you can contact the TPS in a number of other ways.


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