Should you Choose Sky Q or Now TV?

So you’ve decided you want amazing Sky TV in your home – well, who could blame you? From the fantastic drama and real life on Sky Living to world class sports on Sky Sports, top movies on Sky Cinema to the exclusive HBO and Sky programming on Sky Atlantic, there’s no shortage of reasons to choose Sky.

However, these days it’s not as simple as it used to be when it comes to choosing Sky. Along with the standard home option of Sky Q, you also have the choice of Now TV. Each boast distinct advantages, but which one is right for you? That’s a tough question, so before you go scrambling to contact Sky, in this guide we’re going to break down the advantages and disadvantages of each, starting with Sky Q. Let’s dig in.

Sky Q – Advantages & Disadvantages

Sky Q is Sky’s premiere home pay-tv platform, offering the full range of Sky channels, Freeview channels, streaming options and a host of other benefits. Requiring a satellite dish and a long-term contract in order to sign up for, it nevertheless boasts the most complete feature set of any Sky product, far ahead of Sky+ which was replaced by Sky Q in 2015.


  • Sky Q boasts all of Sky’s content, including every channel (should you opt to take them), all streaming options, every box set and pay-per-view options.
  • Sky Q is Ultra-HD (4K) ready, with a host of 4K content available both live and on-demand
  • 12 tuners for recording four live shows whilst watching a fifth.
  • Supports simultaneous viewing, so you can watch your Sky TV on separate TVs or on tablets around the home.
  • Supports powerline technology, for easy non-wireless connectivity.
  • Has the ability to pause, rewind, fast-forward and record live TV.
  • Custom recommendations mean you’ll discover more programmes and films which suit you.


  • Requires at least an 18-month contract.
  • More expensive than Now TV.
  • Requires a satellite in order to fully function.
  • More complex set up than Now TV.

Now TV – Advantages and Disadvantages

Utilising streaming technology to offer four ‘passes’ (Entertainment, Cinema, Sports and Kids), you get an abbreviated Sky experience that has many of the channels people desire from Sky. Best of all, because Now TV is a Netflix-style subscription, you can watch it on any device at all, or stream it through Chromecast, your TV or your games console.


  • Available at a lower cost than a traditional Sky subscription.
  • A rolling monthly contract means you can cancel at any point.
  • Built on streaming, so you don’t need any dedicated hardware to sign up.
  • Availability across the UK and Ireland means anyone can sign up.
  • Has key Sky channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky Cinema and Sky Sports.
  • Access to box-sets on demand and catch-up TV.
  • Boasts live TV for a number of channels.


  • Requires a strong and stable internet connection to function.
  • Doesn’t have the range of channels that Sky Q offers.
  • No integration with Freeview channels unless you take the premium Now TV Smart Box.
  • Can’t pause, rewind, fast-forward or record TV.
  • Quality maxes out at 720p, far from Sky Q’s standard 1080p and well below Sky Q’s 4K maximum output.

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