Sky Plot Shock Huge Sequel to German Classic

Sky are known for a lot of things here in the UK, their world-class satellite TV service, market leading broadband offering and wonderful customer service for those who choose to contact Sky. However, historically they haven’t had much of a reputation for original programming. That’s all changed in recent years, as Sky have adopted the […]

No Satellite Signal on Sky? Read this Guide

  There’s nothing quite as annoying as getting settled in to enjoy some of your favourite Sky TV only to discover that your satellite signal isn’t working as it should be. You’re either receiving a ‘For Your Information’ warning that you’re not getting a satellite signal, you’re seeing the words ‘No Signal’ or your pictures […]

How to Set Up Your Sky Hub

  So you’ve joined Sky broadband. Congratulations! You’ve joined millions of Brits who couldn’t resist the call of Sky’s amazing prices, availability and speed. The big day has arrived and you’ve been shipped your brand new Sky Hub. All you need to do now is set it up, right? Well, it’s never as easy as […]

How to Control your TV with your Sky Remote

  Advancing technology has brought with it a great many things – convenience, speed and (unfortunately) a mountain of remote controls. It seems like everywhere we look in our living room there’s a remote for something or other; though rarely what we actually need. Did you know, however, that you can program your Sky remote […]

Everything you need to know about Sky Sports

For many of us, sports makes up a huge part of our life. Whether we’re playing them, watching them or taking part ourselves, sport can make us incredibly happy or utterly despondent, but there’s absolutely no doubting that it’s amongst the most compelling content we can watch via our Sky box, right alongside that shown […]