Your Essential Guide to TalkTalk Broadband

So you’re looking for a new broadband supplier, but aren’t sure who to go with just yet? It’s a confusing market out there, full of jargon and confusing ‘introductory’ offers which cloud the pool somewhat. Perhaps you’ve landed on TalkTalk as a potential option, but want to know a little more about their offering before […]

How can I Move (Port) my Number to TalkTalk Mobile?

  There are countless reasons you might choose to move mobile supplier. You might be unhappy with the service you’re getting, or feel like you’re being overcharged for what you’re using. It could be that you’re simply looking for something that your old network provider can’t offer you, or you got a great bundle with […]

Everything You Need to Know About TalkTalk TV

For hundreds of thousands of TalkTalk customers, TalkTalk TV is their primary way of enjoying great TV content from the comfort of their home. It brings us wonderful FreeView programming, HD channels and even the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward live television. But for many customers and those interested in joining, how much […]

Do I Need a TV Aerial to get TalkTalk TV?

  Getting set up with a new TV service can be incredibly exciting. It’s the promise of a new world of TV entertainment – hilarious comedies, gripping dramas and some of the best films that we have to offer. However, before all the fun can start, we need to get you set up. For new […]