Sky Plot Shock Huge Sequel to German Classic

Sky are known for a lot of things here in the UK, their world-class satellite TV service, market leading broadband offering and wonderful customer service for those who choose to contact Sky. However, historically they haven’t had much of a reputation for original programming. That’s all changed in recent years, as Sky have adopted the […]

Everything You Need to Know About TalkTalk TV

For hundreds of thousands of TalkTalk customers, TalkTalk TV is their primary way of enjoying great TV content from the comfort of their home. It brings us wonderful FreeView programming, HD channels and even the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward live television. But for many customers and those interested in joining, how much […]

How to Fix Channel Problems on BT TV

  So you’re just about to settle down for the evening and some of the fantastic TV offered by BT before going to bed when it becomes clear that the signal you’re receiving is nowhere near acceptable. Either fuzzy, glitched, spotty or just not being received at all, there’s little more annoying than broken TV […]