Why Choose Vodafone for your Contract?

One the many benefits of living within the UK is that, when it comes to choosing a mobile network, you’ve got plenty of choice. From the likes of EE, O2, Vodafone and Three to smaller operators like Sky Mobile, Virgin Mobile, GiffGaff and countless others, options are most certainly aplenty.

That means often, when it comes to choosing a network, it can be hard to decide which is right for you, and that’s before you factor in things like handset choices, free gifts, limited time special offers and signal strength.

So, why should you choose one network over another? Or, more specifically, why should you choose Vodafone? Let us explain.


Before anything else, the most important thing to ensure a prospective network has is strong coverage in your area; otherwise it’s simply unusable.

Vodafone have been around in the UK since the earliest days of mobile telecoms, launching the first mobile network in the UK under the Racal-Vodafone brand, before stretching out across the world to become one of the biggest mobile networks in the world. Today, they boast over 444 million customers around the world, with 19.5 million in the UK alone.

As such, they’ve had plenty of time to develop a fantastic network in the UK. According to official numbers from 4G, Vodafone currently offer 99% 2G coverage, 96% 3G coverage and 88% 4G coverage. Those numbers are up significantly over just two years ago, and indicate a willingness to improve their customer experience.


Vodafone offer a generous range of plans, all available on 24 month contracts. They range starts at the 1GB Red Extra, which has global roaming, unlimited texts and minutes 1GB of monthly data and a 3-month trial of Secure Net from just £23 per month with a wide range of devices.

Moving up the range you see more and more data being offered, like the 4GB Red Extra plan, 16GB Red Extra plan or 40GB Red Extra plan, which cost £29, £36 and £54 per month respectively.

Alternatively, you can take out one of their Red Entertainment plans, which include the benefits of their Red Extra plans, but also feature ‘free’ 24 month subscriptions to a service of your choice, with Spotify, Sky Sports Mobile or Now TV to choose from. These, naturally, cost more than their Red Extra siblings, but they do boast more data too. You can check out all the plans Vodafone offer here.

Other benefits

Of course, there’s more to being a Vodafone customer than the plans and coverage they offer.

Another major reason to sign up with Virgin is their optional device insurance, which, whilst costing very little, covers your smartphone from pretty much anything, including accidental damage from drops or water. Even better, whilst your phone is being replaced or repaired, Vodafone will let you pick a courtesy phone to lend whilst you await your shiny new device.

The main reason you’d sign up for Vodafone though? That’d be their famously excellent customer service. The company have built their reputation on the back of that service. Indeed, reports have found that customers are extremely satisfied with the customer experience on the Vodafone customer service number.