Your Essential Guide to TalkTalk Broadband

So you’re looking for a new broadband supplier, but aren’t sure who to go with just yet? It’s a confusing market out there, full of jargon and confusing ‘introductory’ offers which cloud the pool somewhat. Perhaps you’ve landed on TalkTalk as a potential option, but want to know a little more about their offering before you put your money down?

That’s extremely sensible, except that until now there really hasn’t been a one page solution to find out everything you need to know about TalkTalk Broadband. Let’s get into it.

(All information correct as of December, 2016)

What comes as standard with a TalkTalk broadband plan?

Unlike many broadband providers, TalkTalk have a surprisingly comprehensive range of benefits for customers who take their broadband plans. As standard, each plan comes with:

  • Totally unlimited internet usage
  • A free wireless router
  • A SIM card with 500MB of data a month (perfect for tablets!)
  • Dedicated online security features
  • A fixed 18 month price
  • Access to the TalkTalk TV store

Some of those features like no usage caps and built in online security software are matched by other companies, but others like a SIM card with 500MB of data are exclusive to TalkTalk.

What broadband plans to TalkTalk offer?

As standard, TalkTalk have 3 options for potential broadband customers, they are:

  • Fast Broadband – Broadband capped at a maximum of 17Mbps, perfect for social media usage and light streaming, but unlikely to be able to support the demands of a full household with any real speed. £22.95 per month for 18 months. Includes line rental, free set up.
  • Faster Fibre Broadband – Broadband capped at a maximum of 38Mbps, making it great for small families or those who have strong demands from their broadband connection. Fast enough to even stream 4K content. £27 a month for 18 months. Includes line rental, a £25 set-up fee will apply.
  • Faster Fibre Broadband 76Mb – TalkTalk’s top of the range broadband option boosts speed up to an impressive 76Mbps, making it ideal for even the most demanding household. Game and stream simultaneously without a hiccup. £32 a month for 18 months. Includes line rental, a £25 set-up fee will apply.

What extras can I apply to my TalkTalk broadband package?

TalkTalk make it easy to bolt on extras to your broadband package, they call them ‘Boosts’, and they are:

Home telephone

  • Home landline telephone with unlimited UK calls – Call landlines and mobiles anytime. Usually £7.50, presently £5 a month.
  • International saver – Discounted rates to a number of international destinations. £2.50 a month.
  • International extra – 1000 landline minutes to 50 destinations. Usually £5, presently £3.50 a month.
  • International max – 1000 landline and mobile minutes to 50 destinations. Usually £10, presently £7.50 a month

Broadband security

  • SuperSafe – Their award winning security for 1 device.
  • SuperSafe Boost – That same award winning security for up to 8 devices. £2 per month.

TalkTalk TV

  • TalkTalk TV box – Get amazing Freeview TV with DVR functionality, great catch-up TV and HD channels powered by YouView. One off cost of £25.
  • TalkTalk TV box with Entertainment bundle – Get all of the Freeview channels and functionality mentioned above, but with the added bonus of 30 pay-Tv channels, including Sky 1, Fox and History. One off cost of £25, typical recurring cost of £12 a month, presently reduced to £6 a month.

Additional TalkTalk TV channel packages

  • Sky Cinema – Over 1,200 movies to watch on demand of view live. Typically £15 a month, presently £7.50 a month.
  • Sky Sports – All six award winning Sky Sports channels featuring your favourite live sporting events. Typically £32, presently £16 a month.
  • Picturebox – Great on demand movies & TV boxsets. Typically £5, presently £2.5 a month.
  • Kids – Nine of the biggest kids’ channels’ including Nick Jnr and the Disney Channel. Typically £5, presently £2.50 a month.
  • Asian TV – Huge Bollywood blockbusters and the biggest TV channels. £10 a month.
  • BoxNation – Britain’s only 24hour dedicated boxing channel with gigantic fights and in-depth analysis and programming. £12 a month.

How well reviewed are TalkTalk?

TalkTalk took something of a battering in public opinion last year when it was revealed they had insufficiently protected their customers billing data, leading to a hack which meant that tens of thousands of customers’ information was revealed.

Though not as bad as some had initially predicted, it led to a large PR mess for the company and something of a relaunch, simplifying their operation. Nevertheless, TalkTalk doesn’t boast the best reviews. Online broadband comparison website has found that on average, customers give TalkTalk a 2.8/5 for satisfaction, a 2.2/5 for speed, a 2.7/5 for reliability and a 2.8/5 for customer service.

These numbers are somewhat skewed thanks to the fact that quietly satisfied people aren’t likely to go online and write a review, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re considering becoming a TalkTalk broadband customer. Our TalkTalk contact details page is available through this link